Tuition and Fees

Leaves of Learning Leaves of Learning

Tuition at Leaves of Learning consists of two rates:

1. Lunchtime/Free Choice Time/Studyhall/Before-care/After-care
These are billed at $5.00 per hour.

2. Instructional Class Hours
Class hour rates are based on the number of instructional hours each child takes. For example, if a student takes one class hour per week, the rate is $11.62 for that hour. If he/she takes seven or more class hours per week, the rate is $8.75 per hour.

Because a student’s per-hour rate depends on how many hours he/she is taking, it’s possible that each child in your family could pay a different rate.

2016/17 per child tuition rate:

7 instructional hours per week:  $8.75 per hour
6 instructional hours per week:  $9.17 per hour
5 instructional hours per week:  $9.61 per hour
4 instructional hours per week:  $10.08 per hour
3 instructional hours per week:  $10.56 per hour
2 instructional hours per week:  $11.08 per hour
1 instructional hours per week:  $11.62 per hour

LOL is in session for 34 weeks.
Families pay only for the weeks that LOL is in session—not for winter and spring breaks.

Tuition at Little Sprouts:

Little Sprouts rates are $8.75/hour; $5.00 for lunch supervision. Families choose from two to four days per week (Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday or all four days), with either half or full time days.

Registration and Material Fees

Registration is completed online, on a first-come, first-served basis. Current LOL families are given a priority registration period before it is open to the general public.

In order to reserve a spot in classes, we require families to pay the registration fee of $75 per student, and yearly material fees for each student. Materials fee are charged per class, depending on the supplies needed. The average materials fee is $35, although classes using more materials (science, cooking, art, etc.) will be higher.

Families whose materials fees are in excess of $500 will only be charged $500 at time of registration, with the balance added to the first invoice. Please see tuition contract for specific details.

Please note: class selections will not be reserved until registration and material fees are received.

Adding and Dropping Classes

We want students to be happy in their classes and recognize that sometimes a class is not a fit and a change will need to be made. We encourage students to give the class a chance before making a decision. One or two days is not enough time to tell! If a class change is necessary, please contact the administration via email and explain the reason for the change. Classes changed after July 1 will incur a $15 per class change fee.

Family Job

Family Job/Fee: To keep our tuition rates at a minimum, we require every family either to be responsible for a specific job or to pay a family fee. The fee enables us to hire others to perform the needed work, and is billed monthly. As family jobs vary, each job is assigned a "point value" based on effort required. ("Points" are not equal to hours.) Families will choose their job(s) online. The number of enrolled hours and corresponding point requirement or job fee is as follows:

1-3.5 enrolled hours = 2 job points or $30/year
3.75-6.5 enrolled hours = 5 job points or $75/year
6.75-9.5 enrolled hours = 10 job points or $150/year
9.75-12.75 enrolled hours = 15 job points or $225/year
13+ enrolled hours = 20 job points or $300/year

Scholarships may be available for families with financial need

Limited scholarship funds are available for returning LOL families with true financial need. Scholarships are very limited as money is available only when LOL families contribute to this fund. An independent agency, FACTS, compiles family financial information and makes scholarship recommendations. Scholarship applications must be received by July 1. To apply, please visit FACTS website.


Important Messages

90 Minute Delay: T, Jan16th
Students should go to their 2nd period classes at 11. Morning session of Little Sprouts is canceled. Little Sprouts lunch at 12 and PM session are open.

Upcoming Events

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Grandparents Days

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Spring Scholastic Book Fair!

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