About Us

Leaves of Learning, Inc.

As you enter our lobby, you feel an energy of warmth and love.

Painting by Leaves art student Gabby Z.  Age 16

Our students and families know we are a different kind of “school”. People comment that they feel that difference even as they enter the parking lot. Kids and staff are laughing, sharing, and talking. There is joy!

At Leaves, teachers and office staff are welcoming. Kids are kind. It’s a place where students feel nurtured and safe.

We are located in the former St. Nicholas Academy building in Deer Park. This large space offers many possibilities for us to get creative! The spacious, light-filled classrooms — many of which have original wood floors and woodwork — make it feel more like an extension of home than an institution.

Our science labs have plenty of room for all our lab tables and equipment. The large stage and workspaces provide plenty of room for the kids to showcase their presentations and plays, and for teachers to set up the large-space projects so necessary for hands-on learning. Kids play and picnic on the grounds surrounding our building, and have the opportunity to travel by bus to the spacious park just blocks away.

Our Mission:

To provide cooperative, enriching group-learning experiences that encourage students to become involved in the process of their own education.
To keep the natural love of learning alive by offering classes presented through engaging experiences, group activities, field trips, and discussions.
To create a learning environment that acknowledges differences in learning styles, nurtures a student's self-esteem, and embraces students from all sectors of life.
To provide a program where students can interact with enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring facilitators in a warm, respectful social environment.

Multi-age classrooms

Multi-age classrooms create a family-type, cooperative atmosphere, allowing students to feel more confident, take more risks, explore more options, and identify their own gifts. In multi-age classes, students have opportunities to participate as mentors/leaders to younger students, as well as to receive encouragement/guidance from older students. In addition, there is a consistency that facilitates growth.

Hundreds of classes to choose from

Preschool & K

A Montessori program that fosters a lifetime love of learning.

1st - 8th

LOL students have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of ages.

High School

Our teens are an integral part of our community.

Our philosophy

We believe that learning is a lifelong gift that continues to expand and enrich our lives. Leaves provides a place where learning flourishes in classes taught by enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring teachers in an inspiring, respectful environment. Students customize a class schedule that best matches their individual needs, interests, strengths, time constraints, learning styles, and abilities.

Both teachers and staff strive to connect with students as human beings, letting them know that we value and respect them wherever they are in their learning journey. We connect class subject matter to their lives in real and meaningful ways. We aspire to light the spark that will ignite into flames of passion for learning.